Scouting in a time of pandemic

At home… While our program has traditionally focused on group and in person activities building leadership and resilience, there are some opportunities and resources for Scouting from home and for Scouting on the Internet. The Scouts Canada website has some … Continue reading “Scouting in a time of pandemic”

Camp Canoeing Instructor course

This is for any Scout Leader (youth or adult) who offers or would like to offer canoe instruction to other members of Scouting. It is the shortest instructor program that the Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association (ORCKA) offers. It is designed primarily for camps, but can also be used by organisations such as Scouting which have a tradition and proficiency in canoeing.

This is not a skills course! This in an instructor course. It is assumed that you already have a paddling skill level equivalent to at least ORCKA Basic 4 (solo).